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Feb 262017
Enjoy Being

Friends, we share the same condition, an existence marked by similarity. We uniformly experience a constitution of existing in the here and the now. Our faces may never meet and our souls never connect. But together we walk; we walk this journey together. This is a journey, more eerily similar than any of us care Continue Reading «Enjoy Being»

Nov 252014
Offseason – What Exactly Does It Mean?

By now, most Oklahoma area athletes are entering a grey area in their training and racing schedule. Darkness and cold temperature have become the norm, and most of our racing is done for the year. Suddenly, we are left to decide what to do with all this extra time on our hands and we finally Continue Reading «Offseason – What Exactly Does It Mean?»

May 282013
Weight Lifting for Runners: Biceps

The last post in the series focused on the importance of a weight training regimen and why exactly it is good for us. I also shared some basic shoulder exercises and explained exactly why those exercises were beneficial to runners. In this post, I will continue to focus on the upper body, in particular, the biceps. As Continue Reading «Weight Lifting for Runners: Biceps»

Apr 112013
Weight Lifting for Runners

As we all know, running is a very healthy habit. It keeps your body healthy and, if you’re like me, it keeps your mind healthy as well. If running is your sole form of exercise…props to you! It is amazing that you are out there hitting the pavement (or treadmill) on a consistent basis. However, Continue Reading «Weight Lifting for Runners»


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Apr 012013

I get lost in my head a lot, especially while running.  Often, my thought process is incredibly random.  For example, this morning’s run started with the formulation of a to-do list, one of my favorite things to do while running. Within five minutes, I was already onto how I think birds are both beautiful and Continue Reading «Perceptions»